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International Mailing

Canada                               $33.00

United Kingdom                  $42.75

West Indies                         $42.75

Australia                              $42.75

Florida Residents
Add 6% Sales Tax

Shipping Rates for USA

  $16.00 - $34.99 = $5.25

$35.00 - $124.99 = $3.00

$125.00 and over = $10.45 
We ship via USPS (United States Postal Service)
Priority Flat Rate Small Box
Packages fit in most standardized mail boxes.

All packages are tracked and insured.

Standard shipping based on the United States Postal Service site states that: packages take 2 to 3 business days to arrive once shipped by
Pb Marker's facility.
Express Shipping Is Available
Please call: 954 - 447 - 5137
All international packages are shipped via express mail in order to insure and track the package.
Even though our markers are now lead free, we still encourage you to wash your hands.

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Just give us a call: 954 - 447 - 5137