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How to Order:

1. Select a style of marker under our personalized page.

2. Select a color from our color page.

3. Determine if you would like any accessories such as a badge holder or a lanyard.

4. You can either call in your order, e-mail your order, or you can place your order online via the shopping cart tab located at the top right hand corner of the page.


Please note the following:

- No refunds on  Markers that  have been  Personalize with Initials or Numbers.  

- No refunds after 15 days from date of purchase on all other items. 

- Returned items have a 15% restocking fee.

- No refund on shipping and handling.

- Shipping and handling for outside the continental U.S. will vary please call or e-mail us for a free quote.

- All priced are in U.S. Dollars

- All orders are to be pre-paid, NO C.O.D.'s

- There is a $16.00 dollar product minimum on all orders.

- There is a $100.00 dollar product minimum on all Purchase orders. (P.O.'s)

- Prices subject to change without notice.

- We reserve the right to limit quantities.

For more information:
Call: 954 - 447 - 5137
E-mail: pbmarkers@yahoo.com
Even though our markers are now lead free, we still encourage you to wash your hands.

We are available to help you navigate our website
Monday - Friday 11 AM - 10 PM EST | Saturday 11 AM - 4 PM EST | Sunday CLOSED
Just give us a call: 954 - 447 - 5137
Email: pbmarkers@yahoo.com